Themo Electric Supplier TEC Modules 

We offer a wide assortment of TEC modules – single-stage through six-stage.

We source our product from a Chinese supplier with whom we have forged a long-term, relationship. Fabricated from bismuth telluride materials, we have found these units to be well-made and robust.

All modules come with red (+) and black (-) leads, of specified length. Length of leads on 40 mm TEC modules is 320 mm. For most of the larger multi-stage TEC modules, lead length is 140 mm.

  All modules are available with either open construction, or sealed construction (with a silicone rubber edge seal). Sealed units have a maximum temperature differential between surfaces that is 1°C less than unsealed units.
  We offer regular TEC modules that are designed to operate at a maximum hot side temperature of 135°C. Special high-temperature configurations are available, with hot-side temperature limit of 238°C.

All TEC modules are shipped in either padded envelopes, or Styrofoam shipping trays, and are marked with part numbers.

  40 mm modules each come in an individual plastic “baggie” (sheath).

Maximum module dimensions are 40 mm x 40 mm. Sizes step down in increments of 5 mm, to a minimum size of 5 mm.

Available standard configurations are detailed on the following charts

Single Stage | Multi-Stage